Introduction to LED Ceiling Can Lights

Introduction to LED Ceiling Can Lights 

LED Celling Can Fixtures
LED ceiling can lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Make sure you find the right one with this complete guide to LED Ceiling Can Lights. 
Most LED can lights use one of two types of bases. The Standard E26 base--the screw in base that you find on most light bulbs--or the G24 multi-pin base. 
Most recessed fixtures that use the E26 base can be easily replaced by LED lights. All you need to know is which diameter bulb you need. 

You can determine this by measuring the diameter of the can and then compare it to the chart below. 
  • 2 Inches Across: You will need a PAR16 LED (1.5" diameter) 
  • 3 Inches Across: You will need a PAR20 LED (2.5" diameter)
  • 4 Inches Across: You will need a PAR30 LED (3.75" diameter)
  • 5 Inches Across: You will need a PAR38 LED (4.75" diameter)
You will also need to pay attention to the depth of the can fixture, as PAR lights do come in both long neck and short neck versions. 

Some can light fixtures will have a ring or 'halo' around the face of it to conceal part of the light. Or it may use a gimbal that allows the light to rotate. Either of these will still fit almost any LED PAR20, LED PAR30 or  LED PAR38 as the bulbs are manufactured in standard dimensions that match the older halogen equivalents. 

Converting the ceiling cans to LEDs is simple. No special electrical work is required. Simply match the correct size PAR LED for your fixture, then unscrew the old bulb and screw in the new LED light. If you have a dimmer switch attached, make sure that the light that you choose is a dimmable LED light

Ceiling cans using the fluorescent G24 bases mentioned earlier in this article can also be replaced by using an adaptor, but will require that the ballast be removed by a certified electrician.

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