Popular LED Landscaping Lights

One of the best application for energy efficient LED lights is in landscaping. Landscaping lights are typically turned on for between 8 to 12 hours each night, and quite lot of energy. Using LED landscaping lights can reduce the energy usage by as much as 80 percent.
There are various applications for LED lights in landscaping. Some of the most common are two pin lights called MR16s and area light or flood light fixtures.

LED MR16s for Landscaping

LED MR16 for Landscaping
LED MR16s are often used in landscaping applications that call for a smaller light source with a spot light beam angle that can be easily directed. These are often used to light trees, sculptures or other sections of architecture that the designer wants to highlight.  
Most LED lights run on 12 volts, which makes it a safer option in places with potential water contact. 
While there are waterproof LED MR16s, that specification is not always necessary, as many outdoor fixtures are waterproof to begin with. 
The product shown here currently retails for less than $6 each and will replace a 30 watt halogen bulb, while using only four watts. 

LED Area Light Fixtures and Flood Lights
LED flood light for landscaping
LED Flood Light for Landscaping

Another common application is the area light fixture. These are large, box shaped light fixtures that use a reflector to send an extremely powerful light out at a wide beam angle. These are often used outdoors to light walls and other pieces of architecture, or for lighting up large areas such as walkways or building perimeters.
Most quality LED flood light fixtures are IP65 rated, meaning they are weatherproof and can be exposed directly to the elements. 

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