A Guide To LED Lights For Garden And Landscaping

Learn the Basics of LED Lighting for Garden and Landscaping

What kind of LED lights do you need for your next lawn and landscaping project? Whether you are a professional landscaper, or doing a home project, this guide can help!

Types of LED Lights For Garden and Landscaping

There are a few basic types of LED lights frequently used in landscaping. Learn more about the different options below. 

LED Area Flood Fixtures and Security Lights

LED Area Flood Light
Area LED flood lights come in prebuilt fixtures that can be mounted using the included brackets. These lights are very bright and can be used to light large expanses of lawn, the sides of buildings, or 

Outdoor MR16 LED Lights
A 50W equivalent LED MR16
MR16 LED light bulbs are often used in landscaping fixtures along walkways or on trees. They have two small prongs at the bottom that click into place. They usually run on 12 volts. It's important to find an MR16 LED that will be bright enough for your application. Here's a link to several that LED MR16s that can replace and 50W halogen. 

LED post-top lamps

Unique LED post top lamp lights up the ground.
Post top lamps are very powerful lights used in post lamps or street lamps to light pathways or open spaces. Most LED post top lights only shine in a few directions, often leaving the ground dark. The post top pictured to the left, features sloped sides, which focus the light where needs to be. You can learn more about this LED post top here. 

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